Best Wand Vibrators Out There For Woman in 2021

Wand Vibrators are extremely powerful sex toys designed to be held against the clit/vulva for pleasure. They are often plugged in at the wall (for extreme power!) though many modern wand vibrators are cordless.

These wands produce deep, rumbly vibrations that penetrate deep into your body, stimulating your inner clitoral complex.

You see, the clitoris is more than just the little external area you see – it runs deep into your body to produce orgasmic full-body pleasure. A powerful wand toy is the easiest way to tap into this deep clitoral complex.

A word of warning – wand vibes are not for the faint of heart.

1. Doxy Extra Powerful Wand Vibrator – Most Intense Wand Vibrator

Doxy Extra Powerful Wand Vibrator

  • 30% more powerful than Hitachi Magic Wand
  • 9.5-foot long cable
  • Cast aluminum & plastic construction

We’re starting off with the big guns here.

Doxy is a UK-based sex toy company that specializes in wand toys like this one, so you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing.

30% more powerful than the famous Hitachi Magic Wand, the Doxy Extra Powerful Wand Vibrator is VERY INTENSE, with body-shaking toe-curling stimulation that is simply unforgettable.

With multiple vibrations speeds and modes to explore, you can start off slow and work your way up to the most intense setting, with deep rumbling vibrations transmitted through the cast aluminum and plastic head.

Apply some lube, strap in, and prepare for a ride.

2. Hitachi Magic Wand Original – The OG Wand Vibrator

Hitachi Magic Wand

  • Favorite of sex experts
  • 2 simple settings
  • Deep, rumbling vibrations

The original wand massager that started it all back in the ’70s, here we have the original 2-setting corded Hitachi Magic Wand.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Why the hell would I want a thing with only 2 settings that I have to plug in?”

This toy single-handedly led the movement toward exploring the female orgasm in the United States and beyond.  Originally intended as a back massager, the Magic Wand allowed thousands of women to experience an intense orgasm for the first time in their lives. It’s a piece of vibrator history, frankly.

The 2 simple vibration modes are more than enough to get you off – truly one of the best vibrators of all time.

3. LoveHoney Deluxe Mini Metallic Wand Massager – Best Mini Wand Vibrator

LoveHoney Deluxe Mini Metallic Wand Massager

  • USB rechargeable
  • Small travel size
  • 10 speeds & 7 patterns

If you’re looking to try a wand massager but you don’t want to spend big-name prices, maybe you should give the LoveHoney Deluxe Mini Metallic Wand Massager a try.

USB rechargeable with a good battery life, many women like to use this solo or with a partner – letting their partner tease their pussy with this small easy-to-hold wand massager.

Count me in!

With a silicone head and flexible neck, this cute and stylish wand can reach every little nook and cranny of your sweet spots, producing mind-blowing orgasms that you’ll never forget.

Oh, and it’s only $49.99!

Best Mini Vibrators

mini vibrators

Once again, many adult toys and vibrator products are designed for clitoral stimulation. From bullet vibes to rabbit toys, there is no shortage of vibes out there that tickle the clit.

But what if you really enjoy clit stimulation?

These sex toys are specifically designed to pinpoint the clitoris and pleasure it in a multitude of ways. There are oral sex simulators that use silicone “tongues”, clit suckers that use suction, toys that use sonic pulses, vibes that sit in the palm of your hand…the list goes on and on.

While we can’t cover every type of clit stimulator on the market, here are the 3 best clitoral stimulation toys!

4. Lelo Nea 2 – Best For Treating Yourself!

lelo nea 2

  • Ornate designs in 3 color options
  • 8 vibration settings
  • USB charging with 4-hour battery life

I’ve referred to the Lelo Nea 2 as a “sexy pebble” in the past, and I reserve my right to do it again. This sexy pebble is gorgeous and comes in 3 distinctive color/design options – Deep Rose, Midnight Blue, and Obsidian Black.

Each design comes with a unique engraving-style art piece that reflects the slightly Eastern vibe they’re going for here. Of course, the artistic merits of the Nea 2 don’t make it FEEL better, but it really does feel like you’re treating yourself with this toy.

Now, onto the vibes!

There are 8 vibration settings to explore with this sexy pebble, all of which are powerful yet impressively quiet. You can easily use this toy solo, though many people choose to use it with a partner during lovemaking too.

Further justifying the steep price, the Nea 2 has a 4-hour battery life from just a 2 hour USB charge. It’s also 100% waterproof and submersible, so it’s the perfect addition to a sensual bubble bath.

Light candles, drop bath bomb, submerge sexy pebble.

5. Satisfyer Penguin – Best For Beginners

Satisfyer Penguin

  • Suction & air pulses
  • 11 intensity settings
  • Adorable penguin design

So you’ve tried vibrations… but have you tried suction?

This adorable penguin-themed product uses a combination of suction and air pulses to massage your clit, causing intense orgasmic shivers to shoot through your body.

It also has a cute little bowtie.

Whisper-quiet (supposedly) and boasting 11 different suction/pulse settings, there’s so much to explore with this clitoral stimulator that you can easily pass the hours away.

6. LoveHoney Ignite 20-Function Finger Vibrator – Wearable Finger Clit Vibrator

LoveHoney Ignite 20-Function Finger Vibrator

  • Wear on your favorite finger
  • Great for solo play or couples foreplay
  • 17 patterns & 3 speeds

Okay, so while this product doesn’t do any fancy air pulses or sonic waves through your clit, it’s a great way to really pinpoint your clitoris with intense vibrations.

This finger vibrator slips onto your favorite finger, boasting a 3-inch-long body made from high-grade velvety soft silicone.

100% waterproof and USB rechargeable, the LoveHoney Ignite makes a sexy addition to your bath or shower.

The three speeds and 17 vibration patterns give you a ton of different sensations to try, and this cute little cheap vibrator even comes with a travel lock function, so there’s no accidental buzzing through airport security!

Take fingering to the next level.

7. Lelo Sona Cruise – Sonic Wave Clit Stimulation

Lelo Sona Cruise

  • Sonic waves & pulses
  • Full-body orgasms
  • 8 different settings

You know when you’re at a club that’s playing loud music and you feel that pleasure from the speakers as the bass pounds through your body? That’s caused by sonic waves pulsing through your clitoral complex.

This toy replicates that feeling for hours.

Easily held in the palm of your hand, the Lelo Sona Cruise has 8 different pleasure settings to explore, allowing you to explore this unique avenue of sexploration that might just tip you over the edge into ecstasy.

Read some erotica, light some candles, get in the mood, and then let the Lelo Sona Cruise take you on a voyage like never before!

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